BA Hons

Paul has been playing guitar now for over 27 years, and in January 2015 finished two and a half years of performing as a solo classical, Spanish and jazz guitarist on the 6-Star Cruise Line Seabourn. Prior to this he spent four years working as a professional musician in London, performing on his own and also with a great variety of bands and styles in venues including Wembley Arena and the BBC.

Having returned to land he continues to play professionally – he has formed a Spanish Guitar Trio and a Jazz-funk Quartet alongside doing regular function and session work.
Over and above being a performer and studio-musician, Paul is of course a keen educator. He has taught classical and electric guitar for over 13 years in education services including Leicestershire Arts in Education, London Brent Music Services and Bolton Music Services.

On moving to Manchester he joined the well-established and highly successful guitar department at Dawson’s Music School in Altrincham where he puts his wide-ranging experience of music education and diverse performing career into practice. Alongside the Trinity College syllabus he has developed his own curriculum that focuses not only grade-exams but also musicianship, technical ability and working well with other musicians, ideal for those who do not wish to pursue the exam route and wish to play for sheer personal enjoyment.

4D Moss Lane, Altrincham WA14 1BA, UK

0161 929 0355